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Blue Romantic Box for Couples

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Everything you need for a romantic night is in this box. So you can plan a night out on the beach or outdoors! All you need is a bottle of wine, takeout from your favorite restaurant and wine glasses. Don't forget to bring your romance with you!

Blue is the color of trust and loyalty. If you want to have a calming and relaxing conversation with your partner, the blue Peboxx is the right choice! 

You can customize this night with your names, places, or a special date just for you. We write the words on the napkin rings so that your partner will notice right away when the night starts. You may keep them in its box for your next special night.

What they’re made of & Sizes

2 Plates: Ceramic. 9,8" diameter

1 Table Runner: 85% cotton-15% linen blend. 52" length – 17" width.

Daisy Necklace: Silver colored coating, 12" chain length

Wine Bottle Holder: Concrete. 6,5" length - 2" width - 8" height

Napkins: 100% cotton. 11,8"- 11,8"- Square

Napkin Rings: Metal. 1" diameter

Candle Holder: Concrete. 3,3" length - 1,5" width - 2,3" height

Candles: 9" length- 0,8" diameter

1 Mini Vase: Concrete. 1,7" length - 2,3" width - 4" height

6 Tealights: 1" diameter

Romantic Card Game: 25 cards

Rose Patels- 50 pieces

How it’s made?

Ceramic, concrete, cloth and candle...These materials come to life in the hands of incredible women artists from the Women Artisans Association in Çanakkale, Turkey. Even the box is prepared by hand. You will feel the comfort of the handmade texture when you touch each item.


Here is a detailed blog post on how to
care for the items in Peboxx.

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