Do you want to captivate your partner on your wedding anniversary?

There are many ways to celebrate an anniversary. But none are as fascinating as Peboxx promises. For an anniversary that will let your partner know how much you care for him/her and that you both will never forget, try Romance in a Box instead of the traditional methods. We look forward to being a part of this exciting experience with you.


Romance in a Box!

Looking for a surprise gift for your partner? Or you don't know how to plan a romantic date? Incredible women artisans preapare each Peboxx. Your Peboxx is unique, just like your love!

  • Handmade

    Ceramic, concrete, cloth, and candle...These are the materials that come to life in the hands of incredible women artists.

  • Portable

    Carry Peboxx in your car boot and plan your date on the beach or outdoor! Don't forget a bottle of wine, wine glasses, and some snacks!

  • Personalized

    We write your names on napkin holders making the whole table special for you!

  • Helps You to be closer!

    There is a card game that has questions to make you have a closer dialog and have fun!

What is included in the box?