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How to care for a Peboxx?

The products inside Peboxx are unique and handmade, just like your love. The ceramic plates, a table runner, table napkins, a candle holder, candles, a wine bottle holder, a napkin ring, and a mini vase are all prepared by incredible women artists. At Peboxx, we believe in empowering women at work. By purchasing the box, you also support women’s labor!

We work with local artists to create each Peboxx box. Since each item is handmade, they need extra care to be used for a longtime. In this guideline, you will find tips on keeping your products in their original condition. 

Ceramic: Eco-friendly, Healthy and Unique

Ceramic has been in use for millions of years and is found healthy and safe for food. It has been observed that the elements that form ceramic are considered non-toxic. Ceramic products are non-porous, and due to this property, it does not absorb chemicals. 

Tips for better and long use of ceramic plates 

  1. Your ceramic plates are hand-painted. Hot water may result in the fading of the handiwork over time. Boiling water will cause the beautiful paintings on your plates to fade over time. You may not notice it straight away, but the difference will definitely be noticeable as time goes by.
  2. Please wash your ceramic plates by hand. It is not recommended to wash them in the dishwasher.
  3. Since there is metallic paint around your plates, please do not put them in oven or microwave.

Napkins Ring

  1. Please do not allow the ring to touch water.
  2. Clean it with a cotton cloth to avoid blackening.
  3. You can clean it with any silver cleaner set.

Table Runner

  1. Please wash at 30 degrees.
  2. Do the ironing on the wrong side of the fabric.
  3. Do not use bleaches during washing. 

Table Napkins

  1. Please wash between 40-60 degrees.
  2. Wash table napkins separately or in combination with similar colors to protect the fabric fibers.
  3. Do the ironing on the wrong side of the fabric.
  4. Do not use bleaches during washing

 Wine bottle holder, mini vase, candle holder

We are grateful to work with a 100% eco-friendly product that is a combination of concrete and volatile organic compounds.

  1. Please do not wash them directly with water. You can clean them with a damp cotton cloth.
  2. It is a fragile material like ceramic. Please be kind while using.
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